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Potty Training

We offer a wide array of training pant options that are sure to help you with potty training. When your child starts to show that they are ready for potty training it is time to find some comfortable cloth training pants and some waterproof accessories to help you with the process.

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  1. training-2pk-grp300.jpg

    Green Sprouts Training Pants (2 pk)


    Three layer protection with a waterproof inner lining and two layers of absorbent terry padding.  Cute prints! Learn More
  2. Blueberry Training Pants

    Blueberry Training Pants


    Made with inner cotton velour lining, a hidden layer of super-absorbent micro-terry, and PUL barrier to keep wetness in. Learn More
  3. Mattress_cover_800.jpg

    Vinyl Mattress Covers (7ml) White


    Protect your mattress with a vinyl waterproof cover.  Secure, reliable protection. Learn More

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