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Liners and Inserts

Cloth diaper liners are designed to minimize the amount of poop that goes in the pail. Cloth diaper inserts provide additional absorbency for night time and heavy wetters. Check out the products below for the details.

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  1. Buttons NIGHTTIME Cloth Diaper Inserts - (2pk)

    Buttons NIGHTTIME Cloth Diaper Inserts - (2pk)


    Available in Hemp/Cotton or Microfiber with 5 absorbent layers. Learn More
  2. Daytime_Hemp_Size1.jpg

    Buttons DAYTIME Cloth Diaper Inserts - (3pk)


    Choose between 4 layers of Microfiber or Hemp/Cotton. Learn More
  3. OsoCozy Organic Diaper Doubler (each)

    OsoCozy Organic Diaper Doubler (each)


    100% Organic Cotton contoured doublers. Learn More
  4. doublers_osocozy250.jpg

    Flannel Diaper Doublers (6 pack)

    Increase absorbency for naps and night time. Made in the USA. Learn More
  5. diaperinsert250.jpg

    Diaper Inserts Flannel (6 pk)


    Added absorbency for smaller sized diapers. Your choice of bleached or unbleached flannel. Learn More
  6. imported_doublers bleached300.jpg

    OsoCozy Gauze Diaper Doublers Bleached (ddz)


    Add these to any diaper for extra absorbency or as a stain guard layer. Learn More
  7. imported_doublers unbleached300.jpg

    OsoCozy Gauze Diaper Doublers Unbleached


    Extra absorbancy - available in Unbleached cotton. Learn More
  8. Nursing_pads2_300.jpg
  9. bioliners200.jpg

    Bummis Flushable Bioliners


    Flushable Liners Make Cloth Diapering Easier. Learn More
  10. nursing_pads_lrg.jpg

    Snuggleup Nursing Pads


    The gentle contour conforms naturally to each mother and stays in place. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

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