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Iplay Girls Ruffle Snap Reusable Swim Diaper


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Quick Overview

iPlay swim diapers are a reusable swim diaper with a waterproof and absorbent design.

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iPlay Ultimate Swim Diapers are a reusable swim diaper with an improved waterproof and absorbent
 design.  iPlay Ultimate Swim Diapers have 3 layers - a waterproof layer to prevent leaks, a super absorbent
layer toabsorb wetness and a wick-away lining to keep moisture from baby's skin. The outer material of this swimming
diaper is a coated poly shell that has no PVC or phthalates and the absorbent layer has no super absorbent gels.

Swim Diapers are no longer just a matter of preventing embarrassing accidents, instead they have become central
to an important health issue. Many public health officials are requiring or recommending the use of approved swim
diapers. Now there's an all-in-one swimsuit that helps contain accidents IN AND OUT of the pool, with an
innovative design so the swim diaper can be worn alone. Patented! UPF 50+! Waterproof outer layer, super
absorbent inner layer and wick-away lining next to baby's skin. Snug-fitting around legs and waist. Woven
nylon, coated poly, cotton terry and poly wick-away lining. No other diaper necessary!

Washing instructions for the iPlay Swim Diaper:
 Machine wash in cool to warm water. Air dry - DO NOT put in
the dryer (it could melt)!

Approximate Age
6-10 lbs
3 months
10-18 lbs
6 months
18-22 lbs
12 months
22-25 lbs
18 months
25-30 lbs
24 months
30-38 lbs
3 years
38-46 lbs
4 years

*27 States now require or encourage the use of approved swim diapers for diaper-aged children swimming in public pools
-Required: AZ, DE, GA, HI, IL, NJ, UT, WA, WI, WV
-Recommended:  DC, IN, MD, MA, MN, NE, OR, VA
-Encouraged:  AL, AR, IA, ME, MI, NY, OK, SD, TX, WY

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