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OsoCozy Prefolds - Largest selection of prefolds on the market

Prefold cloth diapers have been the trusted standard in cloth diapering for nearly 100 years. Prefolds are both old fashioned cloth diapers and the most commonly used cloth diapers of the 21st century. Traditionally prefolds were made in one size and only with cotton, but we have made OsoCozy Prefolds available in a variety of sizes and materials. Prefolds with diaper covers make the most economical diapering system available.

What is a prefold cloth diaper? Prefold diapers are 3-panel diapers made from multiple layers of lightweight, woven fabric with extra layers in the center panel for absorbency.

How many cloth diapers do I need? We recommend 2-4 dozen prefold diapers per baby, depending on age and how often you wash diapers. A newborn baby needs a diaper change about 12 times a day, but a toddler might only need 4-6 diaper changes a day. If you wash 3 times a week, that means 36-48 diapers for a newborn and 12-18 diapers for a toddler.

You have a lot of choices!  Get help choosing prefolds, including a grid that shows you exactly which prefolds have which options.

  • 3 dozen OsoCozy Infant 4x8x4 Prefolds
  • 2 dozen Osocozy Premium 4x8x4 Prefolds
  • 8 Thirsties Duo Covers (4 small, 4 medium)
  • 1 roll of Osocozy Flushable Cloth Diaper Liners.

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  1. PPU_i8_1600.jpg

    Osocozy Indian Prefold Diapers Unbleached (dozen)

    100% Cotton Prefolds. Available in Sizes Preemie thru Toddler. (dozen) Learn More
  2. Indian_PF_seconds_UNB_300.jpg

    OsoCozy Pakistani Prefolds Factory Seconds Unbleached (dz) -


    A great value! 30-40% off regular price. Learn More
  3. Indian_PF_seconds_BL_300.jpg
  4. Organic_Packaged_Prefolds_Small_2_2000.jpg

    Osocozy Organic Prefolds - 6 packs


    100% Organic Cotton Prefolds.  Available in 4 sizes. Learn More
  5. PPB_800.jpg

    Osocozy Prefolds Bleached (dozen)

    100% cotton. Available in Sizes Preemie thru Toddler (dozen). Learn More
  6. Better_Fit_Prefolds_SM_1000.jpg

    OsoCozy Better Fit Prefolds (dz)

    Our new shorter length prefolds for a less bulky diaper cover fit. (dozen)
    Learn More
  7. Bamboo_prefolds2_800.jpg

    Osocozy Bamboo Organic Cotton Prefolds (6pk)


    New! Bamboo Prefolds are ultra-soft and extremely absorbent. 6 pack Learn More
  8. Chinese_Prefolds_2000.jpg

    Chinese Prefold Diapers Bleached (dz)

    Great for burp cloths! All white stitching. 100% cotton. Learn More
  9. OCPPU_sz1front_800.jpg

    OsoCozy Prefolds Unbleached (6pk)

    Osocozy 100% Indian cotton prefold diapers - Incredibly soft and absorbent . Learn More
  10. OCPPB_sz1front_800.jpg

    OsoCozy Prefolds Bleached (6 pk)

    OsoCozy 100% Indian cotton prefold diapers - incredibly soft and absorbent. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 14 total

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  1. 1
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Grid  List 

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