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Least expensive diapers of all? Flat diapers. Hands down.

Flat diapers are the most economical of all the cloth diaper types. Because of the low cost, they are still the most popular cloth diaper used in most countries today. If you are looking for cheap cloth diapers to fit any baby budget, start with flat diapers.

The original one-size diapers. Flat cloth diapers fit any baby or toddler. Diaper flats have even more flexibility than prefolds, since the size and absorbency are all in how you fold a flat cloth diaper. You can get a great fit even for a newborn. For help, see our simple instructions on folding cloth diapers. Available in English and Spanish.
Flats require folding to fit properly. To create a snug fit, use diaper pins or fasteners. Flat diapers also make great inserts for pocket diapers. Just fold to the size of the pocket. Since flat diapers are only a single layer thick, they dry quickly.

Choose from the best flat diapers available. This chart helps you understand your choices.

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  1. Bamboo_Organic_Flats_Front_800.jpg

    Bamboo Organic Cotton Flat Diapers (6 pk)

    Regular Price: $20.00

    Special Price $12.60

    Amazingly soft and absorbent. Learn More
  2. Birdseye_flats_unb_1600.jpg

    Osocozy Unbleached Birdsye Flat Diapers (dz)


    Old fashioned flat nappies at a great price.  Made of 100% Birdseye cotton - 27x30.5. Learn More
  3. Birdseye_flats_bl_1000.jpg

    Osocozy Bleached Birdsye Flat Diapers (dz)

    Old fashioned, single layer nappies. Made of  100% birdseye cotton - 27x30.5. Learn More
  4. Imported_Organic_Flat_1000.jpg
  5. OsoCozy Organic Flats - 6 pack

    OsoCozy Organic Flats - 6 pack


    OsoCozy Packaged Organic Flats - 6 pack Learn More
  6. birdseye_flats_UNB_3.jpg

    OsoCozy Flat Diapers (6 pk)


    OsoCozy Bleached and Unbleached Flat diapers in 6 Packs Learn More
  7. Dyed Flat Teal

    Dyed Birdseye Flat Diapers - 4pk


    Make flat diapers fun with our Osocozy Dyed Flat Diapers. Learn More
  8. US_Organic_Flat_1000.jpg

    OsoCozy Handcrafted Organic Flat Cloth Diaper

    100% Organic Cotton Birdseye Weave - US Sewn Learn More

8 Item(s)

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