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Diaper Covers

Cloth diaper covers provide waterproof pants needed over an absorbent cloth diaper style, like fitteds, flats, or prefold cloth diapers.

How many diaper covers do I need? 

Most parents find that 3-5 diaper covers enough to use cloth diaper full time, but you may need more if you wait more than 2 days before washing cloth diapers.

Which are the best diaper covers? 

Prefolds are by far the most popular choice of cloth diapers for our customers. If you are looking for prefold diaper covers, any of these styles or brands will work well for you.

Need help? Check out choosing diaper covers

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  1. Miosoft Diaper Cover

    Miosoft Diaper Cover


    Super soft and stretchy to keep up with even the most active babies! Learn More

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