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  OsoCozy Flat Cloth Diapers - 100% Birdseye Weave Cotton

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OsoCozy Birdseye Flat Diapers - Bleached (dz)


1 – 4$19.95
5 +$18.45

OsoCozy Flat Diapers (Bleached) - Our Bleached flat diapers have been tried and tested for over a decade.  These old fashion nappies are made of soft 100% birdseye cotton. They measure 27 by 30.5 inches and are 1 layer thick.  They are sized to shrink to a square for easier folding.  Each diaper weighs just over 3 ounces much heavier and absorbent that discount brands sometimes found in chain stores. The material in our diapers is also much softer and durable than you will find in chain stores. 

Flats are the original cloth diaper still used in many countries.  Birdseye flats are durable and are one size fits all, making them one of the most economical cloth diapering choices.  These diapers do require folding with use of a diaper fastener and diaper cover.  Flat diapers are make excellent inserts for pocket diapers or all in one diapers.  They have many other useful purposes such as dish towels, burp cloths, lap pads, changing pads, bibs, wash cloths, and as baby wipes.  Because these diapers are only a single layer thick, they dry quickly on your clothes line or in your dryer.  If you have patience and are willing to do some minimal folding, then using these diapers are far and away the least expensive way to comfortably diaper your baby.

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