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  OsoCozy Hand Crafted Organic Birdseye Prefolds - Made in USA

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OsoCozy Hand Crafted Organic Birdseye Prefold Diapers (ea)


1 – 11$3.75 – $6.25
12 – 23$3.50 – $6.00
24 +$3.25 – $5.75


OsoCozy Organic Prefolds

Want the best prefold diapers? Choose organic.

100% certified organic cotton prefold diapers. Unbleached, of course. The cotton for these diapers is grown and harvested according to SKAL International Standards for Sustainable Textile Production. The fabric of the diapers is a soft, absorbent, durable woven birdseye that fluffs up when washed. Super absorbent birdseye weave is the very best choice for cloth diapers.

How to use prefold cloth diapers? Use these versatile cloth diapers at least three ways: fold around the baby and secure with fastener or pins (recommended: Traditional, longer length prefolds), fold along the panels for tri-fold cloth diapers then set into a snug fitted diaper cover without additional folding or fasteners (recommended: OsoCozy Better Fit, shorter length prefolds), or trifold and stuff into pocket diapers as cloth diaper inserts.

Organic prefolds available in three Traditional sizes and two Better Fit sizes. These diapers are not as thick as our non-organic diapers. You may want to allow for extra diapers to double up for nighttime, naptime, and outings. Discounts for 12-23 and 24+ diapers.

OsoCozy organic prefolds are made in USA by stay-at-home mothers and grandmothers.

Sizing: Traditional (long) and Better Fit. Three sizes - Preemie, Infant, and Regular
Closure: None
Material: 100% organic cotton, unbleached
Brand: OsoCozy
Country of Origin: Made in USA

Sizes, Details, and Pricing
LAYERING (side-middle-side)
Unwashed Diaper Dimensions
Approx. Baby Weight*
Price (each)
Price (12 or more)
Price (24 or more)
9.5 x 13
5-10 lbs
Traditional 3x6x3 12 x 16
6-18 lbs
Better Fit
3x6x3 12.5 x 13.5
6-16 lbs $5.00
Traditional 3x6x3
14 x 21
15-35 lbs
REGULAR  Better Fit 3x6x3 14 x 16.5
14-30 lbs $6.00 $5.75 $5.50
* Diaper sizes ranges are approximate and may be a little different for your baby. 

Traditional vs Better Fit

Traditional Fit prefold cloth diapers can be secured snuggly around baby with pins or fasteners or folded in the diaper cover for extra absorbency.

OsoCozy Organic Prefold Diaper Cover Sized OsoCozy Organic Diaper Cover Fit Prefold

Better Fit prefold diapers are sized to fit into diaper covers when a simple tri-fold is used.

OsoCozy Organic Prefold Cloth Diaper New Diaper Cover Fit
OsoCozy Organic Prefold Cloth Diapers

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