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  Types of Cloth Diapers - Flat Diapers

Flat Diaper

Flat diapers are one-layer of absorbent cotton, 2-foot to 3-foot square. These are the old-fashioned nappies that our grandmothers washed and folded---and they are still very popular.

CLOTH DIAPER LINGO: Birdseye = light, woven cotton fabric that has small, raised diamond shapes on it. Because of the extra surface area created by the raised pattern, birdseye is particularly absorbent, which makes it a great fabric for cloth diapers.

Low Cost Diapers

Flat diapers are the least expensive diapering option because you don't need to buy new sizes. Buy a few dozen diapers for a few dozen dollars, and all you have left to buy are simple covers.

Easiest to Wash and Dry

Because flat diapers are only one layer, they are very easily to wash and dry quickly and thoroughly.

No Worries About Size

With a flat diaper you will never wonder when you need to buy the right size or whether you grabbed the right size to put in your diaper bag when you are on the go.

Flat diapers are not sized. You determine the size of the diaper by how you fold it.

Common Around the World

Because these are the least expensive cloth diapers and the easiest to wash and dry, flat fold cloth diapers are still the most common diapers used around the world.

Flat Cloth Diapers

Flat Diapers drying on wash line

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