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  What Are Fitted Cloth Diapers?

Fitted Cloth Diaper

A fitted cloth diaper is made with absorbent fabric and shaped to the baby with elastic at legs and waist.


Fitted diapers can either come in specific sizes to fit the broad range of babies in diapers, or they can be one-size diapers. OsoCozy fitted diapers come is sizes to avoid bulk for tiny babies and to be sure to give enough absorbency to toddlers.

Contour Cloth Diapers

A contour diaper is similar to a fitted diaper, usually hourglass shaped, but it doesn't have elastic at the legs and waist.

Easy to Wash

Because a fitted diaper is all absorbent material with no waterproof layer to stop the flow of water in the wash, it is easy to get a fitted diaper thoroughly clean.

If your fitted diaper has hook and look closure (like VelcroTM), be sure to cover the hooks before tossing the diaper into the diaper pail to avoid wear on the diapers. Otherwise, just follow our easy washing routine.

Bleached or Unbleached --- or Organic?

We offer OsoCozy fitted diapers in organic, unbleached, and bleached versions. Because of the natural oils of the cotton, unbleached diapers take a little longer to break in, but many of our customers find this popular item well worth the initial effort.  Read more about unbleached cloth diapers.

Cotton Fitted Diapers

Fitted Cloth Diaper