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  Cloth Diapering Frequently Asked Questions

Cloth Diapering FAQs

Over a period of nearly 20 years in the cloth diaper business, we have answered a lot of questions about cloth diapering and every kind of cloth diaper products. We have helped customers choose the right diapers and then care for their cloth diapers to keep them clean and white and working right for your child. We were also cloth diapering parents ourselves. When we answer your questions about cloth diapers, we draw on long experience.

We are happy to answer your questions. If you don't see the answer to your question here, contact us.

  • How many diapers will I need? Start with 3-4 dozen and add or subtract depending on your needs. See our advice on how many cloth diapers you need.
  • How much money will I save using cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers? You are likely to save from $600-$2400 by home laundering quality cloth diapers.  Your savings are multiplied if you use the cloth diapers with additional children. See our article on Cloth Diapers vs. Disposable for details.
  • What is the difference between bleached and unbleached diapers? Cotton is naturally an ivory color. Bleached prefolds have been made white. Unbleached cotton has been processed less, so it will require more pre-washing to reach full absorbency. We distinguish between sizes and styles by thread color. See our thread color chart for details.
  • What are the main differences between prefolds, fitted diapers, and all in one diapers? How do I know which one will work best for my baby? Prefolds are rectangular and need to be folded to give your baby a snug fit; just add a diaper cover or baby pants. Fitted diapers just need to be wrapped around the baby then a diaper cover added. All in one diapers wrap snuggly around the baby with no extras or diaper cover needed; the waterproof outer layer is included with the diaper. To compare the pros and cons with your baby's needs, see our descriptions of types of cloth diapers.
  • What do you mean by 4x6x4, 4x8x4, 3x6x3, and so on? With prefold cloth diapers, we refer to absorbency by the number of layers in the side, center, and size. A 4x6x4 prefold has 6 layers of fabric down the center for absorbency and 4 layers of fabric down each side section of the prefold.
  • What size are my diapers? To identify the size of your diapers, refer to the color of the stitching and compare to our chart on diaper stitching color.
  • The diapers I received do not look like the ones pictured online. Did I receive the wrong diapers? If the difference appears to be color, this could be due to color differences on computer monitors. If the difference is in texture or smoothness of prefolds, your diapers won't be as soft and textured as those show in photos until they have been pre-washed. See our pre-washing instructions.
  • Do I need to wash the diapers before using them? Yes, pre-wash your cloth diapers when they arrive.
  • How do my diapers need to be washed and cared for? Start with our easy cloth diaper washing routine and adjust as necessary.
  • Why are my pocket diapers leaking? Sometimes polyester fleece and microfiber can repel moisture because of detergent residue. Read more about leaking pocket diapers.
  • Why are my prefolds repelling? If you haven't pre-washed your diapers, the waxes used in fabric processing need to be flushed from the diapers. If you have pre-washed, you may be experiencing detergent residue. See our easy cloth diaper washing routine for advice on breaking down residues that can cause repelling and lead to leaking diapers.
  • What is your return policy? Please see our company policies to read about our returns policy.
  • After ordering when will I receive my diapers? Orders are processed in 1-2 business days. For more information on shipping rates and delivery times see Shipping Information.
  • What and who is ClothDiaper.Com is a division of All Together Enterprises, which owns and operates this retail cloth diapering supply store.  We sell many of our products on a wholesale basis to other online retailers, diaper services, embroidery companies and other businesses.  Some of our products are locally produced in and near Sandy, Utah. For more information on our company see About Us.
  • Do you have a catalogue? At the present we do not have a catalog. Our best information is online. If you have questions that cannot be answered by our website please Contact Us.

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